Google | I’m Feeling Lucky Easter Eggs

A step ahead of search Easter eggs Google also has many I’m Feeling Lucky tricks as well. Whenever you search for a keyword on Google, you get a I’m Feeling Lucky link, on clicking this link with specific keywords you can see those Easter eggs. Listed below are the few hoaxes which I have come across by now.

google is afraid to show its logo with rajinikanth
  • google gravity (you can still use that search box)
  • google sphere (you can search for images)
  • ru/mov0001.swf (this one is worth trying you own self, people with weak heart please do not see it)
  • epic google — don’t forget to checkout his little brother Winnie google at the bottom of the page
  • find chuck norris — You may be feeling lucky, but not lucky enough to locate Chuck Norris.
  • find rajnikanth (this one is a better version of find chuck norris)
  • let me google that for you (this one works as a normal google search, but the fun beings after you press preview)
  • Sexy Snape (meet the sexy snake)
  • google pacman (this one is actually a doodle and you can still play that game)
  • love music? Try google guitar.
  • google reverse or typing google in reverse i.e. elgoog
  • google pig latin
  • google pond
  • create your own google type logo with goglogo or funny google
  • google is god (this one is real fun)
  • psychic google (this one is a funny doodle by google released on april fool’s day)
  • google gulp (a search on this will get to google autodrink on line of smart drink to enhance surfing efficiency and which is one of the most famous google april fool hoax as well
  • Blackle (search will get a custom black background google search engine which aims to save power by displaying in black)

Some other Easter Eggs.

Google Search Easter Eggs!

We use Google search to find things we need all the time. But this search bar is a lot of fun with specific keywords. Some of them are listed below.

Update 18 May, 2012: Google revealed its newest easter egg or Google’s new game “Zerg Rush”

Arithmetic Search Easter egg | Google

Arithmetic Search Easter Egg are search easter eggs that just appear when you try some mathematical calculations. Its more of like a humorous calculator which accepts units of measurement like beard-second (5 nm), Potrzebie (2.2633mm), donkey-power (250.033167 watts), speed of light (299 792 458 m/s) etc… The amazing thing about these units is that these all can also be used in real calculations and form part of equations. Continue reading “Arithmetic Search Easter egg | Google”

Is Your Password Secure Enough?

We live in a password-driven world, weather it be your email account on Gmail or Facebook account, where words between 6 and 20 character are the difference makers in whether you’re able to access your data, communicate with friends, make your online purchases or get bankrupt. The problem is that passwords should be different everywhere when you use them, and that can make it difficult to remember them all. And, if a password is truly strong, that makes it even more difficult.

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Google Easter Eggs – All that you want to know

Google is known worldwide for its search engine and its superb technology. The way it makes so fast searches even before we could finish typing the keywords and developing softwares like chrome, android OS 4 and a lot many more things most of us haven’t even heard of. But with all this techno look, it is witty, funny and loves to surprise people with its pranks, goofs, and put-ons. Google calls them Easter eggs.

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