Google’s new game “Zerg Rush”

People at google surely doesn’t like us to work. I don’t how true is that for you all but is a lot true for me. Zerg Rush, Google’s new search easter egg. Type Zerg Rush in search bar and click search and the google page turns into a game zone or use this link.

Your screen will immediately become overrun with tiny gold and red o’s that seem bent on destroying your search results. You can attempt to hold back these aggressive symbols by clicking rapidly on the enemy until their health bars fade and they disappear. More enemies will come at you from every side of the screen until your results are finally all destroyed. In a mocking sense of victory, the enemies will group together to form a “GG” for you, and then allow you to submit your score to Google+.

Google is no stranger to neat little Easter eggs or mini games, the most notable in recent history was the PacMan Doodle that offered a playable version of the classic game.

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