Google Search Easter Eggs!

We use Google search to find things we need all the time. But this search bar is a lot of fun with specific keywords. Some of them are listed below.

Update 18 May, 2012: Google revealed its newest easter egg or Google’s new game “Zerg Rush”

  • Searching for the keyword tilt or askew makes the page tilt to the right.
  • Typing do a barrel roll or z or r twice results in a 360 degree rotation of the page.
  • Typing the keyword recursion result with do you mean recursion line explaining what recursion really means.
  • Looking for the term anagram makes google suggestion to ask Did u mean: nag a ram.
  • Typing ascii art changes the google logo to look like as if it was an ascii logo.
  • Let it snow makes it snow. Yep it does. Typing let it snow makes it snow then fogs the whole page. After a while, the screen fogs up and the blue button turns to defrost.
  • Typing hanukkah shows a row of stars just below the search bar.
  • Somewhat like hanukkah kwanzaa shows a row of seven candles seven times. just below the search bar.
  • Christmas or christmas lights or santa claus or 12 days of christmas or father christmas or merry christmas will show a row of christmas search lights just below the search bar. Click here.

Note: The easter eggs related to specific festivals change as the festivals come and go. So some of these might not show the expected results.

Click here to see more of these Search Easter Eggs part 2 and others here I’m Feeling Lucky Easter Eggs. Have fun. Enjoy!!!

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