Google Easter Eggs – All that you want to know

Google is known worldwide for its search engine and its superb technology. The way it makes so fast searches even before we could finish typing the keywords and developing softwares like chrome, android OS 4 and a lot many more things most of us haven’t even heard of. But with all this techno look, it is witty, funny and loves to surprise people with its pranks, goofs, and put-ons. Google calls them Easter eggs.

By definition: An Easter egg is an unexpected surprise — an undocumented procedure or unauthorised feature that’s playful in nature or gives credit to the software developer or chip designer.

Like their namesakes, Easter eggs can be quite elusive and hard to find. And Google does a really wonderful work of surprising people with its creativity and explaining the correct meaning of an Easter egg by its work.

Google has got a big list of such Easter eggs which you can find here. Arithmetic Easter egg, Search Easter eggs!, Search Easter eggs part 2, I’m Feeling Lucky Easter Eggs. With more on the way.

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