HACKERTEST.NET | Level 12: 3 words

Level 12 is just a step more from level 11. The clues don’t really point towards something that would help. So, let’s just begin with the normal source code. If you check the source code you will find a meta tag with an attribute name having the value clue and another attribute content having the value as use graphic software.

<meta name="clue" content="use graphic software">

This isn’t much of a clue but yet tells us that this mission is again related to some graphic or image. After looking at the source code the second time I found just one image in the source code as images/logo.gif. Now just open the image, and after enlarging it you will see some text written over Russia. Well, that’s the answer to next level you were looking for.

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 11: What are you looking at?

Level 11 haven’t got much into it, just a look in right place will do it. After checking out the source code you will find things similar to the previous levels.

<body background="images/try.gif">

But it does not work out and us gives only an image with Nice try written on it. This isn’t much of a clue, how about a second look at the source code? In the second look I looked more thoroughly and found this meta tag with the answer.

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 10: Hidden context

Level 10 is kind of deceiving with its first interaction and with its false clue, like the word cookie it surely points us in wrong direction. But after sometime you will surely find the right path. And it will be a lot easier with the right kind of tool.

After looking for all the cookies I could and getting nothing from them I moved on and started looking for something else. The clue was yet to be found.

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 9: Where is the password?

Level 9 is fun to begin with. When you start checking out the source code in the first few lines that the source code is not available at this time.

<BODY BGCOLOR="ffffff" TEXT="000000" BG="images/phat.gif">

Well its an old gimmick used to fool people around. Coders just leave lots and lots of blank spaces in the between the codes while coding so that in the first view it looks like as if the source code is empty. But if you will scroll done below you will find the whole code.

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 8: Need a PSD

After the first few easy levels these missions tend to get really hard and good. In our last level we learned about stenography you can read more about it on Wikipedia, its always good to learn more.

Level 8 seems to be a bit difficult in the beginning, but you can always start with the basic steps and follow the further clues. If we check the source code for this mission their is nothing much you will find there except this.

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