HACKERTEST.NET | Level 9: Where is the password?

Level 9 is fun to begin with. When you start checking out the source code in the first few lines that the source code is not available at this time.

<BODY BGCOLOR="ffffff" TEXT="000000" BG="images/phat.gif">

Well its an old gimmick used to fool people around. Coders just leave lots and lots of blank spaces in the between the codes while coding so that in the first view it looks like as if the source code is empty. But if you will scroll done below you will find the whole code.

Their is not much hint but at some time after checking the code you will find the line given below. It gives us the password and tells how to move on to the next level. Actually their is no password we just need to directory transverse to the next level. So you can just take the file name from the password and use it with regular extensions like .htm or .php and others.

Password: Z2F6ZWJydWg= add a page extention to that

But can it be that simple? No, its not that simple. I myself first of all tried the name with all the possible extension but that workout. The reason was that the name is encoded. Googling helps a lot when you are hacking. Z2F6ZWJydWg is a result of base 64 encoding. So just download a decoder and decode the keyword, and yes that will be the answer but you will still have to figure out the extension.

The answer is gazebruh.php.

Good luck!!!

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