HACKERTEST.NET | Level 7: Included. Where?

Checking the source code has become our usual practice now. But it doesn’t seem to do any good in this level in the beginning but later you will find that level 7 is really easy, only a look at the right place is needed.

There is a little clue given to us by the coders of hackertest.net in the name of the file we are on i.e. included.htm, so one may consider searching for some include statement or tags. Soon you find an image file included in the body tag.

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 6: Linking javascript

Tired of prompts? Lets solve this one quickly and move to next mission. When you check the source code for his mission you will not find a function like the previous levels. It is because the we necessarily do not need to write the javascript codes in our main file. We can also write it in a separate js file and link it.

<SCRIPT SRC="psswd.js" LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"></script>

Like its done here. The javascript function is written in a separate psswd.js file. So lets just open this file using directory traversal and move on.

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After solving the previous levels with javascript prompt level 5 isn’t difficult to solve. Some of you might face problems in it because if you click cancel the page redirects itself, giving you no time to check out the source code.

But if you are using Firefox (no idea about other browsers) you can still check the source code by pressing ctrl+U while the page is loading. Just open the source code and you’ll get the answer.

var pass, i;
pass=prompt("Password: ","");
if (pass=="SAvE-as hELpS a lOt") {
}else {alert("Try again");

The password is SAvE-as hELpS a lOt.

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This post is just for the sake of consistency. Please continue with the next mission. For those who are still wondering. just press click here button on the mission page.

Note: I’m still wondering why the coder of hackertest.net created this mission.

Good luck!!!