Google’s April Fools’ Day Jokes

Since I found out the Google’s easter eggs like the Google gravity and do a barrel roll, I am always on the hunt to find out and reveal all such tricks and fun stuff that google has and is waiting out to be shown to people. In this approach I already have come up with three such lists before this one containing all the fun stuff that I found by now.

Now here is something different from my earlier lists to reveal more of google. In 2012, Google humor was out in full swing for April Fool’s Day, flooding its products with jokes and pranks.

  • 8-Bt Google Maps — Google Maps pays homage to the Nintendo with an 8-bit graphic version of the world. Also, here Google explains how planning your trip just got a lot like playing the Legend of Zelda
  • Now double your productivity with the google Chrome Multitask. One mouse used to be enough, but no longer.
  • Now replace the 26-character keyboard on mobile phones with just two buttons with the new Gmail Tap. It’s much more efficient… sort of. LL Cool J lends his expertise as Google’s Gmail Tap Product Lead. For more fun just try and download the Tap.
  • Google's Youtube DVD collectionThe YouTube Collection — The Internet is so big, you can never see it all. Google-owned YouTube announced that they’re changing that, offering a DVD collection of every video on YouTube. Order your pack now.
  • Really Advanced Search — Google’s Advanced Search can help you specific exact words and phrases to search for. Google’s Really Advanced Search gives you even more options, including searching by rhyming slang, subtext, or innuendo.
  • Google Racing — Anyone who has seen one of Google’s computer-driven cars wandering the country on behalf of Google Maps has wondered just how good of drivers those computers are. Just turn on your next NASCAR event.
  • Google voice for petsMiss your pets when away from them? Or sometimes feel that you don’t understand them? Not a problem anymore, try Google Voice for Pets
  • Click-to-Teleport — Ads in Google Search might send you to the website of your favorite sushi restaurant, but Google’s taking it one step further. Cut out the middle man, and just teleport to your dinner reservation with Click-to-Teleport.
  • Google Fiber — Google wants to improve every aspect of life, including your diet. Pick up a Google Fiber bar today. It’s “fiberlicious.”
  • Google stree rooGoogle Street Roo — Google needed some help mapping the Australian outback, but a team of over a thousand kangaroos is now solving that problem.
  • Jargon-Bot — If you’re confused by complicated work-jargon, Jargon-Bot may be the program you’re looking for.
  • Interplanetary Reporting — Users of Google Analytics, the site user tracking program, can now discover which users are visiting their site from Earth, or another popular planet with Interplanetary Reporting.
  • Go Ro — Google wants their ads to be optimized for all users, so the nearly dozens of Internet users with rotary phones will be benefitting from the new service. Like Google says, “Technology is cyclical,” and rotary phones are on their way back.Google rotary phone - Technology is cyclical
  • Google TV Click — You decide how your favorite TV shows and movies end. Use this special remote to helicopter support to the cast of the 300, or shoot Jar Jar Binks the first time he appears on the screen. You might be waiting for this feature for a long time, however, as it’s set to be released on April 31st (a hard to find day).
  • Canine Staffing Team — It’s tough to get a job at Google. Unless you’re an adorable and highly-skilled puppy, that is.
  • Google Search in China — There is no Google Search in China, so this peculiar and fun search page acts as a placeholder. Try to search using it.Google search china

Below are 21 more Google’s April Fools’ Day Jokes.

Yes, what started as one little joke on April 1st in 2000 has become an annual Google event. Trust nothing when visiting Google on April Fools’ Day. Here are some of the best from over the years:

  • MentalPlex — Google’s first April Fools’ joke in 2000 introduced the first mind-reading search engine, analyzing your “personal aura and brainwave activity” to give you great search results.
  • Pigeon Rank  Those familiar with Google’s PageRank had a good laugh in 2002 when Google released this explanation of Google’s revolutionary system of “pecking order.”
  • Google’s Moon Base — In 2004, Google presented the online community with an amazing opportunity to work at the new Google Copernicus Center. One qualification is that the applicant must be willing to relocate, considering that the new office is located on the Moon.Google lunar base. Now a chance to work from moon.
  • Google Romance — To prove their algorithm really can do it all, Google unveiled Soulmate Search, letting users trust in Google to find their perfect soulmate
  • Google Gulp — In an attempt to monopolize the beverage market along with the internet, Google Gulp, the world’s first “smart drink” was unveiledHave a sip and you are just ready to rock and roll with google gulp.
  • Gmail Paper — Tired of email? Gmail will now print out all of your emails and send them to you. Don’t worry about the environment, the paper is made out of “96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum, and thus, actually helps the environment.”
  • Gmail Custom Time — “Be on time, every time” Send mails in the past with google custom timewith Gmail Custom Time, the new service that lets you send emails to the past so you never miss a deadline again.
  • Google Books Scratch and Sniff — Don’t you wish our senses were more in tune with each other? Google helped solve this problem by offering scratch-and-sniff books.
  • Google TiSP — In 2007, Google Try google tisp offered a new service for internet users who didn’t want to pay for their internet connection: free wireless service. All you have to do is hook it up… to your toilet.
  • Google Talk Goes Green — On April Fools’ Day in 2008, Google prepped internet users for the upcoming Earth Day, requesting that anyone chatting online use Internet slang to reduce the CO2 emissions that are released with each instant message.
  • gBall — Australian Football got a lot more advanced when Google released the gBall, a computer chip-containing, vibrating football that gives you kicking tips and suggestions as you play.
  • The Virgle Mars Colony— Google teamed up with Virgin to create the plan for Virgle, the first permanent human colony on Mars. Take the questionnaire to determine if you can be a Virgle Pioneer.
  • Gmail Autopilot — Responding to emails is a pain, that’s why Google introduced Autopilot for Gmail. Now the complex program can respond to your emails for you. You’ll notice it’s not perfected yet.
  • Meow Me Now — Google Maps can find anything, including adorable kittens. Use Meow Me Now at any time to find the kittens who are closest and most suitable for petting.
  • 3D Google Books — The one thing about ebooks is that they just don’t feel real enough. With Google’s new 3D books, however, ebooks have become better than the real thing.
  • Wingdings is the new Font for Ads — You can find Google Adsense ads all across the web selling every product imaginable. Now Google ads will feature the font of nonsense symbols that Google claims is most popular with “cryptologists and carrier pigeons.”
  • Gmail Motion — Put that outdated keyboard down. Gmail Motion uses your built-in webcam and Google’s tracking technology to understand every action you’d ever like your computer to take.
  • Google Docs Motion — The breakthrough Motion technology also works with Google Docs.
  • Google Translate for Animals — If you’ve grown tired of talking to boring, old people, Google Translate for Animals can help you make some new friends.
  • Google Autocompleters — Ever wonder how Google can predict what you’re typing? It’s the work of Google’s impressive team of Autocompleters, featured in this video.
  • Comic Sans for Everyone — If switching ads to Wingdings wasn’t enough, Google also declared that Comic Sans is the most enjoyable font, and all websites should be viewed using Comic Sans. Always.

Google | I’m Feeling Lucky Easter Eggs

A step ahead of search Easter eggs Google also has many I’m Feeling Lucky tricks as well. Whenever you search for a keyword on Google, you get a I’m Feeling Lucky link, on clicking this link with specific keywords you can see those Easter eggs. Listed below are the few hoaxes which I have come across by now.

google is afraid to show its logo with rajinikanth
  • google gravity (you can still use that search box)
  • google sphere (you can search for images)
  • ru/mov0001.swf (this one is worth trying you own self, people with weak heart please do not see it)
  • epic google — don’t forget to checkout his little brother Winnie google at the bottom of the page
  • find chuck norris — You may be feeling lucky, but not lucky enough to locate Chuck Norris.
  • find rajnikanth (this one is a better version of find chuck norris)
  • let me google that for you (this one works as a normal google search, but the fun beings after you press preview)
  • Sexy Snape (meet the sexy snake)
  • google pacman (this one is actually a doodle and you can still play that game)
  • love music? Try google guitar.
  • google reverse or typing google in reverse i.e. elgoog
  • google pig latin
  • google pond
  • create your own google type logo with goglogo or funny google
  • google is god (this one is real fun)
  • psychic google (this one is a funny doodle by google released on april fool’s day)
  • google gulp (a search on this will get to google autodrink on line of smart drink to enhance surfing efficiency and which is one of the most famous google april fool hoax as well
  • Blackle (search will get a custom black background google search engine which aims to save power by displaying in black)

Some other Easter Eggs.

Google Search Easter Eggs!

We use Google search to find things we need all the time. But this search bar is a lot of fun with specific keywords. Some of them are listed below.

Update 18 May, 2012: Google revealed its newest easter egg or Google’s new game “Zerg Rush”

Arithmetic Search Easter egg | Google

Arithmetic Search Easter Egg are search easter eggs that just appear when you try some mathematical calculations. Its more of like a humorous calculator which accepts units of measurement like beard-second (5 nm), Potrzebie (2.2633mm), donkey-power (250.033167 watts), speed of light (299 792 458 m/s) etc… The amazing thing about these units is that these all can also be used in real calculations and form part of equations. Continue reading “Arithmetic Search Easter egg | Google”