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Unescape and escape are javascript functions used to encode and decode string just to make sure they are unreadable easily, but still its not that difficult to read them.

When you check out the source code you will find that there is an encoded string ‘%69%6C%6F%76%65%6D%6F%6F‘ and the variable moo has its decoded word i.e. our answer.

moo = unescape('%69%6C%6F%76%65%6D%6F%6F');
function check (x) {
   if (x == moo)
      alert("Ahh.. so that's what she means");
      window.location = "../../../missions/javascript/5/
   else {
      alert("Nope... try again!");

The easiest way to decode this string is write alert (moo); just above the function and run this script. You can do it by two ways, either save the code in another file and then run it in your browser or use firebug(developer tool) and edit the script tag then and there and see the magic.

Note: Another way to do it is just type javascript: alert(moo); in the address bar where the mission is opened. For me it worked in chrome but not in Firefox.

Answer: In case you don’t want to try it yourself, answer is ilovemoo.

Good luck!!!

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