Turn off Gmail ads or web clips

Gmail by default shows ads also called web clips above the list of emails. It’s easy to switch these off but they’re not intuitively named when looking at Gmail’s settings. This post shows how to switch them off.

To remove the web clips, click the settings cog icon above-right from the message list. This will show a drop down menu where you can select the Settings option.

On the next page along the top of the settings are a series of tabs/options. Open the Web Clips tab and uncheck the Show my web clips above the Inbox checkbox. You don’t need to click a button to save, it immediately takes effect.

Now go back to your inbox and there are no longer any ads above the message list.

HACKERTEST.NET | Level 17: Too easy!

Level 17 is really simple. Just open the source code and you will find how to get the password for this level. You will see something like this in the source code; Password: your IP address, yes this is it.

IP stands for internet protocol address. Every connection has one of its own. You can check your by googling or visiting any of these given sites.
– http://whatismyipaddress.com/
– http://www.ip2location.com/

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 15: Wasted too much time?

Level 15 has got nothing in it, but still there is a great chance that you will end up wasting a lot of your time looking for a clue, when it was just infront of you. Well, when you open the link, and download the image to your computer and open it. It is all unavailable.

That’s where the next level is, unavailable. But it doesn’t has an extension, its just unavailable.

Good luck!!!

HACKERTEST.NET | Level 14: 20 Minutes Wasted!

Level 14 is just same like the previous level. In this case the image is different, it’s the┬ábidvertiser.gif. So you can simply directory transverse and open this image using GIMP or paint.net and get to the next level.

In case you don’t want to do that much efforts, its totally.php.

Good luck!!!