HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Basic 9: Not difficult but tricky

The password is again hidden in an unknown file. However, the script that was previously used to find it has some limitations. Requirements: Knowledge of SSI, unix directory structure.

The intro for level9 points us towards using SSI and UNIX commands and its directory structure. Well, here we get our first clue. Let us now move on to the description, and see what it says.

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SSI stands for server side includes. These are dynamic HTML commands executed by the server and not the browser. As the intro of the mission already pointed us to SSI this mission would be simple now.

The password is yet again hidden in an unknown file. Sam’s daughter has begun learning PHP, and has a small script to demonstrate her knowledge. Requirements: Knowledge of SSI (dynamic html executed by the server, rather than the browser).

Furthermore when we open the mission we see a story, somewhat like level7, the password being hidden in a file and we being provided with the file directory. All we are left to do is find the file name.

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