HACKERTEST.NET | Level 2: Prompt!

Level 2 is still as simple as level1. You just need to understand it how it works and where to look. When the page loads a prompt box opens up and asks for a password. So you can simply open up the source code using ctrl+U and find where this source code is.

You will see something like this. This pass variable takes the value that is entered by the user and compares it with the string l3l.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
  var pass, i;
  pass=prompt("Please enter password!","");
  if (pass=="l3l") {

For those of you who are still wondering the answer is l3l.

Good luck!!!

HACKERTEST.NET | Level 1: Log In

Level 1 of hackertest.net is really simple if you have a little knowledge of HTML and javascript. With that you can always try googling the answers. But the key to hacking is learning.

The mission does not gives any kind of intro or hint, no worries. We do always have the usual steps to start from. First thing to hacking is understanding HTML (source code), the language of the web page, it gives a lot vital information that will make an hack easy.

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Hackthissite.org Solutions To All Javascript Missions

As the name says, these missions require knowledge of javascript. But they are only limited to analysing, these missions do not include javascript injection. Here are the links to all the solutions of javascript missions.

Javascript Mission 1: Idiot Test
Javascript Mission 2: Disable Javascript
Javascript Mission 3: Math time!
Javascript Mission 4: Var?
Javascript Mission 5: Escape!
Javascript Mission 6: go go away .js
Javascript Mission 7: JS Obfuscation. FTW!

Good luck!!!

HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Javascript Mission 7: JS Obfuscation. FTW!

Now this one is a little tricky if you are not experienced with programming. After all the earlier missions, you tend to look for the same code that you saw earlier and get obfuscated. But this one too is very simple.

Like earlier levels you will not find the exact source code in this one. The button tag you were looking earlier missions, is not present in this source code. Well guys, the button is just there, its just that you cannot see it.

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HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Javascript Mission 6: go go away .js

This mission is also as simple as the earlier were. When you will open the source code you will find two functions there namely check and checkpassw.

RawrRawr = "moo";
function check(x)
    "+RawrRawr+" == "hack_this_site"
    if (x == ""+RawrRawr+"")
        alert("Rawr! win!");
        window.location = "about:blank";
    } else {
        alert("Rawr, nope, try again!");

function checkpassw(moo)
   RawrRawr = moo;

But when you will further check out the source code, you will see that the function you are calling from button tag this time is different, than the one’s given above. It is now checkpass.

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