Validating an email via JavaScript

Nearly every programmer needs to validate email id somewhere sometime while development. Here I have got a simple regex that is very good at validating JavaScript.



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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 11: What are you looking at?

Level 11 haven’t got much into it, just a look in right place will do it. After checking out the source code you will find things similar to the previous levels.

<body background="images/try.gif">

But it does not work out and us gives only an image with Nice try written on it. This isn’t much of a clue, how about a second look at the source code? In the second look I looked more thoroughly and found this meta tag with the answer.

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 8: Need a PSD

After the first few easy levels these missions tend to get really hard and good. In our last level we learned about stenography you can read more about it on Wikipedia, its always good to learn more.

Level 8 seems to be a bit difficult in the beginning, but you can always start with the basic steps and follow the further clues. If we check the source code for this mission their is nothing much you will find there except this.

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HACKERTEST.NET | Level 6: Linking javascript

Tired of prompts? Lets solve this one quickly and move to next mission. When you check the source code for his mission you will not find a function like the previous levels. It is because the we necessarily do not need to write the javascript codes in our main file. We can also write it in a separate js file and link it.

<SCRIPT SRC="psswd.js" LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"></script>

Like its done here. The javascript function is written in a separate psswd.js file. So lets just open this file using directory traversal and move on.

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