Firebug or developers tool

A very few people know of what developer tools are (or firebug in case of firefox). Well, developer tools are some handy tools that are used in web development, as their name suggests.  These tools give a decent way to check out not only the HTML css but even the java script, cookies and lot many things of about web page.

How to get them?

If you are on firefox you can install the addon firebug and just press F12 and you can see them. Chrome users can just press F12 and see it. These are also available on safari, opera and internet explorer and you can search them on Google.

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HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Basic 2: Common sense

Trying to figure out the password in this level is a little tricky if compared to level 1, if you had a problem doing that. Well, this level requires a little more than just common sense, and that is some programming knowledge (any language would do it).

Tip: Read the description back again, slowly, and try and understand every single word and line. Or else press continue reading…

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HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Basic 1: The Idiot Test

The idiot test? Ever wondered why it is called so? Well, the first level of these basic mission is to make sure if you can continue with the further levels or not. If you are reading this, it’s probably you don’t know how to find the password to move on to next level. But don’t give up on learning so early.

Advice: if you want to be a hacker, learn and not beg.

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Hack this site is really a good place to learn about web technologies and provides a lot of information about security issues related to them with a very interesting way on how find exploit holes and learning to exploiting them.

Hacking missions on it are classified in different levels and categories, that makes it easy to check your skills in a greater extent ranging from basic missions to real hacking sites. With that you can test your skills even on programming tricks, java script, IRC missions and a lot more. And with that, there are forums for everything, like mission forums and the programming ones. So in case, you need any kind of help relating to a mission, just visit them or come back here to

So if you are interested in learning on how to hack, and want yourself to become hacker or want to test your skills, just click here or visit the site and register yourself. Good luck!!!


Hacking is to hack, to find a way out of things, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. According to, “Hacking is unauthorised use of computer and network resources.”, well, I don’t agree to them in the sense that it is limited to that.

To me hacking means like finding a way out through a maze or like solving a problem. Yes, what they say is right, like everything it has its own good and evils. Choice is your’s which way you choose to go.

Hacking in itself is a whole new world now. With the increasing technology, hacking has gone a long way ahead with new tricks upcoming like phishing, injections, viruses, key loggers and a lot more.

Note: This post and the further, are solutions to various hacking missions, for your general practice, you can visit, to try them. Best of luck!!!