Hackthissite.org Solutions To All Basic Missions

Basic missions are really easy, with a little knowledge of HTML, javascript, UNIX and SSI all of the missions can be easily cracked. Here are the links to all these solutions.

Basic 1: The Idiot Test
Basic 2: Common sense
Basic 3: Deep into HTML
Basic 4: Changing the scripts
Basic 6: Decrpyt an encryption
Basic 7: Unix
Basic 8: SSI
Basic 9: Not difficult but tricky
Basic 10: Javascript, really?
Basic 11: Is there a solution even?

Note: There is no link to mission 5, as I was too tired to write one for that level. For help regarding mission 5, read the tutorial of mission 4, after all they are pretty similar.

Good luck!!!

HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Basic 11: Is there a solution even?

This mission is known as one of the very unsolvable missions throughout the Hackthissite’s forum. Many have tried to solve it by searching hints and using them, but this mission still is a mystery for most of them. The very beginning intro of this mission can be blamed for this, as it points us in unknown direction.

Sam decided to make a music site. Unfortunately he does not understand Apache. This mission is a bit harder than the other basics.

Now, when we open the mission all we receive are some similar messages like these, every time we refresh the page a new line shows up.

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HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Basic 10: Javascript, really?

This level does seems to be lot tougher than the previous levels as it does not tell us what we need to do. Yes, the intro does tells us that knowledge of javascript might be helpful, but still no clue, how?

This time Sam used a more temporary and “hidden” approach to authenticating users, but he didn’t think about whether or not those users knew their way around javascript…

Well, we can give a try using all the tricks we have learnt by now, but none of them seems to be working. The task is to think of something that is temporary and hidden from users. Haven’t figured it out by now?

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HACKTHISSITE.ORG | Basic 9: Not difficult but tricky

The password is again hidden in an unknown file. However, the script that was previously used to find it has some limitations. Requirements: Knowledge of SSI, unix directory structure.

The intro for level9 points us towards using SSI and UNIX commands and its directory structure. Well, here we get our first clue. Let us now move on to the description, and see what it says.

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Sam still believes saving the password in a file is still the best way to remember it and keep it secured, time to prove him wrong once again. As the description says the password is in the same directory(folder) as we are.

This time Network Security Sam has saved the unencrypted level7 password in an obscurely named file saved in this very directory.

The second line of the description tell us about one another news that came from Sam, about setting up an UNIX cal command script and with that we are provided with the script even.

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